A thoughtful collaboration between Cambodian company KHMER KLEAN
and the pioneer vending machine manufacturer from Thailand, PUDCHA.

We, as collaborators envisions bright future and great potential in the market.

An Expectancy in projecting growth within the First Semester throughout Phnom Penh
where later we will focus concentratedly in expanding the premises throughout the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Presenting our 4 top Products

Drinking Water Vending Machine, Washing Vending Machine ,
Dryer Vending Machine and Mini Car Wash Vending Machine.

Keeping the service of each machine as simple to cofunction
with today’s Cambodian people’s Lifestyle.

Providing convenience and time effectiveness.

Our Products

With easy access, our technologies have integrate a quick access Touch & Go function in our products,
such as; Drinking Water Vending Machine, Washing Vending Machine,
Dryer Vending Machine and Mini Car Wash Vending Machine.

We believe to provide the people in the Kingdom of Cambodia with convenience, time efficient and price friendly lifestyle
that allows everyone to indulge the new trend of modern lifestyle.

Washing Vending Machine

comes with Turbo Wash Drum 3 Steps for perfection and cleanliness in just one time while maintaining the fabrics at it’s best condition for longevity.

“Easy to wash” Convenience within your fingertips

Drying Vending Machine

23 lb. capacity dryer machine come with AccuDry
Moisture Sensor measures moisture and temperature levels
to stop cycle when load is dry.

Now your clothes can dry ” Faster and Easier ” than ever.

RO Drinking Water Vending Machine

(Reverse Osmosis + OZONE)

Reverse Osmosis is a renowned technology accredited worldwide
being used to remove a large majority of containments from water
by pushing the water under pressure through a semi-preamble membrane.

You can cancel your water delivery service and stop purchasing
cases of bottled water. Reverse Osmosis filtration provides
“better-than-bottled water”

Mini Car Wash Vending Machine

(Water and Foam Wash)

High Pressure Spray Nozzle & Hose Withholds 50 Liters of Water
and 7 Liters of Foam in one outlet, Providing you an easier and
cleaner way of washing your vehicle in no time.

Say goodbye to self-wash.


Grand Opening

About us

KHMER KLEAN together with PUDCHA has worked efficiently in pursuing means to provide convenience and in cultivating
a trend of modernized lifestyle for the people.

We conscientiously believe in creating the quality to generate well-worth products for everyone thoughtout
the Kingdom of Cambodia.

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217C, Street 51 & 302, Phum 06
Sangkat Boeng Keng Kang I,
Khan Chamkarmorn, Phnompenh



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